Our architecture born from the dialogue between tradition and contemporary and between place and architecture itself.


Casa Lc - Renovation project in progress

New project in progress, Noci (BA).The project combines aesthetic, energy and economic needs, working  on the envelope of the existing modernist building.
We re-proposes the modernist aesthetic canons in a contemporary key, introducing new technologies that are more efficient from an energy point of view. The rationalist language is betrayed by the splay of the ventilated facade, which creates a simple theme variation.

Concept interior design- Master bed room

False ceiling, floor - like a wooden carpet - and slatted walls relate to each other creating a unique and refined environment, underlined by the lines of light. All harmonized by the delicate color palette.

Concept Design - Modular cabin Hotel 

The project, based on the wooden modular system in xlam, proposes aggregative studies of different modules to be used for hospitality activities. In a small space we have managed to aggregate various functions, in a flexible and efficient way, without sacrificing comfort and luxury. An elegant and minimal environment, which offers an experience not to be forgotten.