“Bottega” during the fifteenth century was the place of production and creativity, the place where European cities were thought and designed, it was a space where craft and know-how were rooted in the experience of the masters. Contemporary architecture must resume that know-how, that its being rooted in identities of the places. From these it must give birth to new contemporary languages, expression of the place and time in which we live. Innovation is a process that arises from the recognition of local identity characters and which also evolves through the use of new technologies, which are now giving life to a new craft. 

The place is precisely the object of our attention, as an experienced space, as an element of a layered environmental and anthropic system, which today we call landscape.

Giovanni Murgia | Chief Architect

Giovanni studied architecture at Polytechnic of Turin and at the ETSAB in Barcelona. He graduated in 2015 with a thesis on the Hippodrome District in Mirafiori District in Turin, which has been awarded and published on the University Webthesis's page. In the same year he began to work in Milan, but in 2016 he moved to China, in Beijing, where he worked with some of the best local design firms, focusing on Landscape Urbanism projects as well as architecture for culture and educational spaces. Later, he continued to deal with urban and architectural design, collaborating for the next 6 years with the best global corporates in the sector, gaining experience in the Residential, Retail, Mixed Use,  healthcare markets.
In 2021, he came back to Italy and starts his own office.