Villa TZ

The project reinterprets the standards of Mediterranean architecture in a modern key: pergolas, veils, as well as overhangs act as elements that shade the facade during the hot hours of the day, while large windows allow it to enter the environment during the winter period, reducing energy needs . The project site is on a slope overlooking a bay, so the L-shaped plan was therefore born with the idea of maximizing the view of the sea. This achievement is also  facilitated by the creation of a podium that hides the underground car parks, while opening the view to the bay. From a compositional point of view, the L-shaped plan is resolved by developing the theme of the intersection between volumes.
While intersecting volumes, it creates changes in material and form and it articulate the architectural language of the building already defined by the above mentioned mediterranean features.

Division is a key element in design: dividing a space in two, dividing two properties, enclosing a space and dividing it from outside. It is perhaps the basis of architecture itself. But if this is true, we want to affirm that the intersection is equally important and even more in contemporary society. The intersection generates novelties, places of development and understanding, generates the interpenetration between the sphere of the individual and the community one; between the public and the private, thus generating interaction between different, apparently opposite elements. Finally, enriching our communities and experiences.