Villa Tb

This urban villa with garden is characterized by the simplicity of the forms and the richness of the materials. A central plan scheme with the rooms,  onto the upper floor,  gravitating around it just in order to  enclose the double height space in a volume. This suspended box is covered with a system of stoneware panels with different finishes. This element is designed by a parametric script and offers a dynamic facade capable of changing its configuration based on the need of sunlight. Traditional Mediterranean materials are recomposed in a modern way, giving life to a new architecture that looks towards the future. The large volume of the rooms on the upper floor rests on volumes placed on ground floor which create overhangs and recesses, creating loggias to be used as external living areas or entrances spaces shaded and protected.

Certainly the most iconic space of the villa is the large double-height living room, where a double-height bookcase is inserted. The office area on first floor strait overlooks on the living area, while the living room is visually connected with internal courtyard where there is a swimming pool. On the other hand kitchen and dining area located in a more private area of the house.The internal space is finished by using rich and elegant materials, such as natural woods and marbles, but overall the internal space feeling is intended to be welcoming and warm.