Villa Apuliae

The slightly sloping project site and the presence of the traditional rural construction, i.e. Trullo, suggest the design solutions. The Trullo is placed alligned with the access driveway and the new building, which is placed upstream of the trullo. The new building which is accessed via a cluster staircase,  creates a platform that overlooks the nearby olive grove which can be admired from the living area and outdoor space with swimming pool, while slowly walking through the stair. The materials recall those of traditional Apulian architecture, but the large entrance wall introduces a parametric element that reinvents the wall function, emptied of its structural component, now proposed as an element that modulates the light within the internal space.

The internal space of the Villa Apuliae differs between the pre-existing one and the new volume. For the trullo a traditional stone flooring is proposed, together with natural materials and soft colors. The lighting elements are wall external, just  to preserve to ancient walls, while the space is embellished by the presence of a tub which is inserted like a sculpture in a niches. The bathroom made it necessary to create a false wall in travertine, a material that is also used as a covering for the shower. Differently for the new volume, a more contemporary and decisive architectural language is proposed:  black marble is combined with the the plaster of the walls and with the white lacquered battens. Finally the travertine flooring gives a black-white contrast with bold and more contemporary tones.