U-House, Santeramo in Colle , Italy, 2022
Concept Design

The project consists of a demolition of housing units and reconstruction with merging and shape modification, aimed at improvement anti-seismic properties as well as energy efficiency. We kept traces of previouse building such as openings and balconies on the facade.  Horizontal elements are added to the facade in order to reconstruct a relationship with the context. Given the need to internally set back the building and set  distances between windows up to standard, it was decided to leave some of the walls of the previous building exposed as memory of its demolition, creating a sort of archaeological garden.


The street façade, as previously mentioned, takes up some of the traces of the previous façade, especially in the position of some openings and the design of some balconies. The choice is that of a blockboard cladding which creates different sequences, giving rhythm to the facade and reducing the architectural scale to relate to the adjacent buildings.

The interior follows a minimalist line in the furnishings and in the choice of materials, in which resins and light plasters stand out, and wood which warms and makes the environment more welcoming.