Modular resort, Chengdu, China, 2021.
Concept design

The project proposes the construction of modular wooden houses off-site built with a frame system and transported directly to the site through containers. Aggregative studies tooks us to a pitched roof solution as Chinese tradition, working on the expressive potential of wood, both as a structural material and as a finishing element. Luxury villa solution proposes the traditional Chinese patio typology around which  are aggregated  3 rooms and a module intended for activity  outdoor: swimming pool and fire place.

For the interior of this modular house we wanted to use a Nordic language also to recall the origins of the client. Being a wooden house, wood could only be the master, but we combined it with cement resin and white plaster to create a fascinating and efficient environment. Being a hospitality facility we have tried to enrich the visitor's experience with some solutions, such as the tub positioned adjacent to the master room, which thanks to the roof window gives an intresting sky view. Finally, a tiny space, which does not give up small luxuries.