Futura Elementary school, Acquaviva delle fonti, Italy, 2023

Inserted in the context of a larger project, which involves the demo-reconstruction of 192 school buildings throughout the national territory, the project involves the urban regeneration of a peripheral area located in the municipality of Acquaviva delle Fonti. The brief require rennovation by demolition of the previous building school, and to place 7 elementary school sections. The project was born from a dialogue with the urban space and is based on the concept of rhythm. Through setbacks that generate public squares and gardens, as well as terraces and large urban windows, the aim is to establish a dynamic relationship between the space of the community and the individual.

School activities are organized around a central courtyard, the volume is then articulated to dialogue with the urban space, enriching the experiential dimension through large terraces and an active use of the roof space. The same is accessed through a vertical connection compartment inserted in the volume of gym.

The theme of rhythm is also taken up by the facade mainly through the use of gradients. A box-like aluminum facade marks the entrances with grayscale gradients, showing the openings to the public. The south-facing classroom volume takes up the same theme in the horizontal screens.