5 Star Mine Hotel, Dalian, China,  2017
Third Prize

The project was born from a topographical reading of the site aiming to establishes relationships with landform. The particularity of the project area is that it is located on the border of a vast abandoned mine area, not far from the Pacific Ocean coast, wich the client was going to regenerates and brings it to new life. The choice is to create a building that integrates  with topography, defining  panoramic paths on the roof of the building, which is intended to be a public park as well. The building is divided into two fundamental parts: a  podium  partially underground  that hosts the collective functions and the volume of rooms that fluctuate on the top.

Part of the project involves arrival experience, so according to this we seted the position of the lobby and the auditorium. The lobby features a multi-height space which is accessed via pedestrian bridge from the main road. From this privileged position it is possible to overlook the entire mine park, as well as access the auditorium. The auditorium, like a stone sculpted over time, floats over the mine park, preserving the memory of it in an evocative way. The volume of the rooms emerges from the ground as if it was a continuation of it and outlines a path that establishes visual relationships with the surroundings, opening views towards the ocean.