Centro Estetico, Olbia , Italy, 2022

The main purpose of this Beauty Center  was to create a functional space, elegant and attractive at the same time. The chosen general atmosphere includes shades of powder pink with a golden touch, using sinuous shapes to emphasize the harmonious and refined space. The lighting, beside focusing on details, was also fundamental in the design of this space, guiding the visitor's attention to specific points of the environment. Other decorative elements were also used such as carefully selected wallpapers, natural elements and soft tones for the wood and furniture. Through the plaster-works for the arched niches and false ceilings, specially designed following the customer's working needs, the final space is well balanced, harmonious and captivating. The space is divided into an entrance with reception and waiting area, a room with 3 beds and counter-wall with arched niches to display and storage products, and finally a VIP room with a single station for special treatments, in addition to the service bathroom.