LC House, Noci , Italy, 2023
In Construction 

Architectural renovation  that acts on a a building  constructed during 70s as a tribute to Le Corbusier's famous Villa Savoye.  Building had lost its features over the years, due to subsequent volumetric additions. The project, with simple changes in material and technological facade solutions, restores the sense of lightness and horizontality typical of the Villa Savoye. In particular, the architectural felling of the facade is re-proportioned by detaching the first floor from the ground floor with the addition of a ventilated facade which is finished with a white spatula finish, while a gray spatula finish is expected for the ground floor.


The interior is also modernized, taking up the materials and colors used on the facade, while improving layout.  In particular, the kitchen area is moved close to the living area with which it is visually connected through a large sliding glass window. The cooking island placed in a central position is the pivot on which the internal space is constituted and from which multiple visual connections arise between inside and outside. A double-facing fireplace divides the living space into a more representative area and a more family one.

Chosen materials aim to create an elegant environment and a warm and welcoming feeling at the same time. Microcement floor with a rustic spatula effect,  wood with its different textures,  anthracite and white plasters and finally the fixed furniture made up of plasterboard elements covered in marble-effect stoneware slabs.