Masseria didattica, Ladscape design, Noci (BA), Italy, In progress, 2023

The project concept comes from an analysis of the morphological futures of the landscape. The landscape is essentially a synthesis between anthropic and natural elements, filtered by local culture and traditions. If we analyze the forms of the landscape, we notice how in the transition areas between the environmental/natural component and the anthropised one, such as between the forest and the cultivated field, there are blurred margins which often flow on a curvilinear shape. We have synthesized these elements in our project by proposing a rigid geometric organization for the areas of the rooms and for the access to the swimming pool, while for the green area on the edge of the Masseria we have proposed a curvilinear element. This results in a composition which abstracts the nature. We believe this process of abstraction of the nature is part of the landscape itself.