Masseria Contemporanea, Interior design, Apulia, Concept design, 2022

For this project we proposed  a language that speaks with tradition and  maintain a rural taste, without renouncing to elegance and contemporaneity. The colors pallet is in beige tones to recall those of the surrounding earth. The concrete resins are combined with a few wooden inserts and with an exception in metal  for the cooker hood of the kitchen, which features with a rustic feeling. The double-height space and the large windows overlooking the surrounding landscape offer a unique living experience.

Villa Apuliae, Iterior design,  Apulia, Concept design, 2022

The internal space of the Villa Apuliae differs between pre-existence and new volume. For the "trullo", we mainteined the use of natural traditional materials, the stone of the walls and the floor, however, we insert some new wooden furnitures. The lightings doesn't affect the walls and the cables are just externals and fixed in certain points.  For the same reason in order to host the new toilete MEP we created a false wall finished by travetine pannels. On the other hand the new added volume, speaks a more contemporary and strong language. The materials contrasts between eachother, black marble elements oppose to white plaster walls and together with the led light creates a more contemporary space.

Beauty Center, Olbia, Italy, Completed, 2022

The main purpose of this Beauty Center in Olbia (Sardinia) was to create a well divided space, elegant and attractive as well. The chosen general atmosphere includes shades of powder pink with a golden touch, using sinuous shapes to emphasize the harmonious and refined space. The lighting, beside focusing on details, was also fundamental in the design of this space, guiding the visitor's attention to specific points of the environment. Other decorative elements were also used such as carefully selected wallpapers, natural elements and soft tones for the wood and furniture. Through the plasterworks for the arched niches and false ceilings, specially designed following the customer's working needs, the final space is well balanced, harmonious and captivating, divided into an entrance with reception and waiting area, a room with 3 beds and counter-wall with arched niches to display and storage products, and finally a VIP room with a single station for special treatments, in addition to the service bathroom.

U-house,  Santeramo in Colle, Italy, In progress, 2022

Local regulation has pushed us towards the open court solution, also suggested by the proportions of the lot that recall those of the Roman domus. Therefore,  our intent was, to create a small contemporary domus. The interior follows a minimalist line in the furniture and in the choice of materials, and while resins and light plasters stand out, the wood gives a warm and welcoming feeling. We therefore wanted to combine a minimal and contemporary style through the composition of a few material textures, and define a simple, comfortable space without giving up small luxuries.

30 mq tiny house, Svezia, In progress, 2022

The tiny house trend is increasingly developed, and it's a great alternative for a permanent or temporary residence, having its own energy independence and being economically advantageous, which matches the minimalist philosophy of quality living, with less, in a sustainable way. The space is divided into a central service core on the ground floor: bathroom, TV area with storage spaces and kitchen; while the sides host the living and the dining area. Above the core is the sleeping area, which is accessed via a staircase module that hides other storage space, essential in such limited sizes. Outside, a module (that can be connected on site) that makes up a terrace where you can spend evenings relaxing or in company.

Modular resort, Chengdu, Cina, In progress, 2021

Designing the interior of this modular house we wanted to use a Nordic language, also to recall the origins of the client. Being a wooden house, iwe gave to wood material the most expressive role into the material textur, but we combined it as well with cement resin and white plaster to create a fascinating environment. Being an accommodation facility we have tried to enrich the user experience with some solutions, such as the tub located adjacent to the master room, which thanks to the roof window  gives a fascinating night sky view. Shortly, a small space, but which does not give up small luxuries.